Sustainimals Recommends: PlasticScore - A Zero Waste Rating App for Restaurants

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Tired of trashy dining? The PlasticScore App helps you find sustainable restaurants near you while also funding the recovery of plastic waste for each “waste review”! 

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If you and your family love the sustainability values that Sustainimals offers, chances are you are taking steps to live a more sustainable life. When deciding between a number of products, such as toys for your children or personal health products, it’s easy to see what these items are packaged in before you make a purchase. But when ordering takeout and going out to eat, it’s harder to know exactly what types of single-use items you will receive. 

That’s why we were so excited to learn about PlasticScore! PlasticScore is a crowdsourced zero waste rating for restaurants. When you use the PlasticScore app, you can find great food, without the trash! The PlasticScore app allows you to browse zero waste ratings of restaurants in your area to help reduce your waste footprint when dining out or getting takeout. 

Their turtle-powered rating system makes it easy to know if you’ll get a lot of

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Styrofoam and plastic, or reusables and more sustainable practices when dining out or ordering takeout. It leaves the guesswork out of knowing what types of single-use items you might or might not receive. Restaurants are rated on a scale from one to five turtles and the ratings are crowdsourced by users throughout the United States. It doesn’t stop with the rating - PlasticScore use the data from their user reviews to give restaurants targeted recommendations for how to improve their sustainability efforts. 

Similar to Sustainimals donating 25% of our profits to the Natural Resources Defense Fund, PlasticScore has a great plastic offset program! Every “waste review” on the PlasticScore app helps fund the ethical recovery of low-grade plastic waste around the world, in partnership with rePurpose. Each review helps pays waste collectors around the world to collect low-grade plastics from the environment, which have no monetary value and would otherwise not be collected. Their plastic offset program helps users make an immediate impact on plastic pollution while building a movement to create a world without trashy dining! Users can earn plastic offsets by leaving reviews, feedback, and taking photos of their dine-in and takeout experiences on the PlasticScore app. 

The PlasticScore app is available for download in the App Store and through Google Play! Use code “ANIMALS” when you create an account to offset an additional six plastic water bottles worth of waste from the environment on your first review! 


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