About Us

 Our Mission: I'm Julia. I've always loved animals, both real and stuffed. Stuffed animals were such an important part of my childhood; my brother and I were not allowed to watch much TV as kids, so making up elaborate skits with our stuffed animals was one of our main sources of entertainment. Our stuffed animals had names, personalities, and elaborate origin stories. As I learn more about the state of the world, I become more and more concerned about the world we are leaving behind for not only our children, but also the animal kingdom. It breaks my heart to think that something as innocent and beloved as a stuffed animal is contributing to the problems facing real animals. Stuffed animals are traditionally made from polyester, which is derived from coal and petroleum, which contributes to global warming. Polyester is not biodegradable, so it contributes to crowded landfills. I had started to see other soft goods made from recycled plastic – yoga pants, t-shirts, jackets, swimwear… why not stuffed animals? And with that, Sustainimals was born.


Why You’ll Love Them: Sustainimals are soft, cuddly, cute, and lovable, while being eco-friendly. You can feel good about creating demand for recycled materials and keeping plastic out of landfills and oceans. Did I also mention that 25% of profits are donated to our partner organizations? Each purchase you make helps support the work of these organizations who work tirelessly to combat climate change and protect wildlife.


What Are They Made Of? Did you know that polyester is made of plastic? Neither did I until I started working on Sustainimals! Polyester is made from plastic, and new technology has enabled polyester to be made from recycled plastic! Sustainimals’ fabric, stuffing, and thread are made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic. The materials have all been inspected and certified according to Global Recycled Standard (GRS) 4.0.