How do you turn plastic into stuffed animals?

Plastic bottles are collected for recycling. They are separated, sorted, and washed.

The bottles are shredded into flakes which are then chopped into pellets.

The pellets are extruded into yarn.

The yarn is spun into fabric (or stuffing, or thread!)

Sustainimals are made using the fabric, stuffing and thread that is made from the recycled plastic.

Are the animals safe? Every product we sell has been rigorously tested to meet international consumer safety standards. Certificates reflecting that the Sustainimals meet ATSM F963-17, CPSIA, and CFR 1500.44 standards are available upon request.

What is your exchange / return policy? We are not offering exchanges or returns. However, if you dissatisfied with your product, please contact us at, and we will refund you the full amount of your purchase.

In what kind of packaging are the Sustainimals shipped? Sustainimals are shipped via the US Postal Service in a 100% recycled poly mailer. The mailers are made from 100% recycled materials, 50% of which is post-consumer waste. The mailers are fully recyclable, and are made in the USA. For more info about sustainable shipping materials, please visit

How do you calculate how much you donate? 

In addition to creating adorable stuffed animals and creating demand for recycled plastic, a key tenant at Sustainimals is donating to organizations that advocate for animals and the environment.

In an effort to be transparent with our customers, here is the formula for how we calculate our Profits, 25% of which are then donated to the Organizations We Support.

Profit = Gross Sales – Cost of Goods Sold (Standard cost + Shipping expenses) – Marketing Expenses (capped at 35% of Gross Sale Price) - Credit Card Fees (2.5%)

We hope that this answers any questions you may have! For any additional information regarding donations, please email