The Sustainimals' Endorsement for 2020 is.... Biden / Harris!

Posted by Julia Nachman on

Chances are, if you are on a website about stuffed animals made from recycled plastic, you:

  • Love animals;
  • Are concerned about the environment;
  • Want to leave the world a better place for generations to come;
  • All of the above;

If that describes you, the Sustainimals hope you will join them* in casting your ballot (as early as possible if that is an option where you live!), for Joe Biden / Kamala Harris. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have been endorsed by The Sierra Club, Scientific American, 350 Action, Environment America Action Fund, BlueGreen Alliance, The League of Conservation Voters, and the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Per NPR, here is a brief overview of where the candidates stand on the environment:

Joe Biden

  • Combat Climate Change:
    • Rid the power sector of carbon pollution by 2035
    • Net zero carbon emissions by 2050
  • $2 Trillion Investment over the next four years in the following areas:
    • Infrastructure
    • Transportation and Auto
    • Housing and Construction
    • Nature, Conservation, and Environmental Justice
  • Emphasis on converting the auto industry to electric cars, with the added benefit of job creation
  • Build 1.5 million sustainable homes

Donald Trump

  • Continue to roll back environmental regulations
  • Prop up oil and gas industries
  • Denies climate change
  • Pulled the US out of international climate change agreements, most notably, the Paris Accords

Let’s do this. For our children, for our Mother (Earth), for ourselves.

*The Sustainimals are not voting. That is Julia’s ballot. Please do not report the Sustainimals for attempted voter fraud.


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